Window Actuators

KBS have many years experience in the selection and application of window actuators whether that be to address accessibility issues (for example with high level windows or rooflights) or to optimise the performance and security of spaces through automation.

Kilpatrick Blane Services are proud partners of WindowMaster manufactured equipment – providing a wide range of cost effective actuators with enhanced technology built in for quieter, more secure and comfortable energy efficient buildings.

We use quality equipment backed by extensive warranties. Our established supply chain allows us flexibility to select the most cost effective and best value solution for the application, and can offer advanced functionality compared with other equipment on the market (eg low noise, accurate control, and feedback)

Actuators come in 230v AC or 24v DC versions depending on the application.

They come in a range of sizes according to how heavy the window is and how far it needs to open; The heavier the window and further it needs to open, the larger the drive chain needs to be and subsequently the larger the housing must be to accommodate the recoiled chain drive (We can help you get the balance and selection right).

If being used for Smoke Ventilation actuators must be fit for the application and have been tested and certified as part of the overall vent to comply as an EN12101-2 certified solution.

Different colour options or special colour finishes may be available depending on the requirements.

Actuators are normally fitted with main body mounted on the inside of the fixed outer window frame, and the drive chain end connected to the sash at the normal position of the window handle(s) to drive the window open and closed.
Window friction stays are loosened to allow the actuator to freely control the vent position, and must be able to extend as far as the full stroke of the actuator (or have its stroke reduced).

Often actuators are concealed behind cover profiles matching the window to reduce special motor colour costs and make servicing easier.

Our actuators come complete with pressure safety function to help reduce the risk of injury should someone put an object in a closing window – these settings can be optimised for the application (*please advise us of any special requirements).

Product selection:

Larger or heavier windows may require more than one actuator to ensure a good seal when closed and distribute opening forces, and the products are selected according to the specific window and opening requirements. See below the typical information required to select an actuator (our team can help with that).

Other components:

24v actuators have a number of benefits including power handling, safety and frequency of operation. These require 24v power supplies, in turn activated to open and close the actuator via a wall switch (or remote control). Power supplies are selected according to the number of actuators being controlled, the number of control groups and the layout of the spaces and cabling.

Adding Intelligent Automation:

By adding sensors to the room, calendar and logic functionality it becomes possible to automate the windows and significantly enhance building performance – for more comfortable, better quality spaces and improved building energy performance. Outdoor weather sensors are also needed to inform the control logic about challenging outdoor weather conditions that may need to limit the amount of opening (E.g. rain, low temperatures or high winds).

Other things to think about:

Choosing features like position feedback can help your actuators achieve a better level of control with your control logic – allowing the system to know actual vent positions and optimise them more accurately for better comfort and energy.

Actuators capable of multiple speeds of operation also allow them to operate almost silently when automating (to minimise disruption) but more quickly if overridden via a switch, or if it starts raining to prevent water ingress.

Information needed to select the best actuator:

When selecting the most appropriate window actuators our team typically need to know:

  • Window size (w x h)
  • Window orientation (E.g top hung outward opening)
  • Window pitch (eg vertical or pitch of rooflight)
  • Total thickness of glass fitted (E.g 8 + 8mm, for us to calculate approx. vent weight)
  • Required opening distance
  • Number of windows to be operated together
  • Confirmation that the application is for comfort ventilation only (or otherwise, noting that if it is for smoke clearance purposes – we’ll need more information to verify whether a certifiable retrofit or replacement solution is possible)

If you have a quantity of windows to consider we can look to survey your building or review your designs and window schedules to make sure you get the best solution and advice.

Here’s some examples of completed projects:

Kilpatrick Blane Services are able to provide cost effective options for equipment supply only, supply and install, or supply and commission. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.