Smoke Ventilation Testing and Service – Your Responsibilities

Meeting compliance doesn’t stop at delivering a system that works when the building becomes occupied. As a building owner or nominated manager, maintaining records of testing and servicing of your Smoke Ventilation System is part of your legal responsibilities.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 consolidates previous legislation and clearly sets out responsibilities for fire safety solutions

‘Building owners and managers are responsible for adequate fire safety solutions in their buildings.

As the responsible person, they must ensure systems and components are adequately tested, and maintained to function as expected in the event of a fire. They must also ensure that any company providing servicing is adequately qualified to do so.’

Smoke Vent System Testing

Smoke Vent System testing should be in accordance with BS 9999:2017 guidelines and often form a part of the planned weekly fire alarms tests. On a monthly basis these tests should extend to testing backup power devices or batteries, and quarterly checks should take a more in depth look at system components and operation.


‘System testing in isolation is not a sufficient measure of adequate maintenance’

BS 7346-8 states a minimum of 2 service checks per year carried out by suitably trained and qualified specialists.

End to end documentation of system assets, testing and service records are considered a minimum requirement.

Due to the specialist knowledge required and complexities with different types of equipment, our experts at Kilpatrick Blane Services can help simplify the process and give the documentation and reassurances you need.

**If you have a potential concern about your system, existing service provisions, or are looking for a service partner, contact our friendly team now who can offer advice and inspection**

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