Automated Natural Ventilation Solutions

Kilpatrick Blane Services have many years experience designing and installing everything from manual winding gear, to state of the art Automated Natural Ventilation solutions.

Our experts can help design teams and contractors to achieve best value and effective solutions according to the building aspirations.

As Scotlands leading partner in Window Automation, we have partnered with WindowMaster Control Systems to offer a range of window automation solutions with unique capabilities including:

  • Turnkey Automation Solutions
  • Accurate Vent Control to minimise draughts and optimise energy efficiency
  • Optimum vent positioning according to well proven control logic
  • Window position feedback for security and control optimisation
  • User friendly interface and override capabilities
  • Remote support and optimisation

What does an automated Natural Ventilation system look like

The system is made up of a number of carefully positioned automated vents – normally windows or rooflights, which are fitted with electrically controlled actuators or motors. The type of actuator depends on the window size, orientation and how far it needs to open. You can find a useful selection tool here.

The motors are normally 24v DC and have associated transformers or controllers which either contain integrated logic or receive control signals from the system head end.

The head end might also be the Building Management System providing it contains a suitable level of programming and sophisticated logic to optimise Nat Vent performance.

The head end or integrated system logic monitors each zone with local sensors – normally combined CO2 and Temperature sensors.

It also monitors outdoor temperature and precipitation to make sure any decisions around vent positions take into account outdoor conditions that could affect comfort or building integrity.

According to the system readings, integrated logic and setpoints, the system sends control signals to the relevant windows to send them to specific positions. It then monitors the changes to the indoor environment and adapts them over a period of time to achieve the desired room state. The head end or integrated logic has in built calendar functionality to know when the building is and isn’t occupied, and has flexible override functionality either by handheld devices, wall switches, or web based facilities interface.

For design guidance or a quote for your new project or existing building, drop us a line – Our experienced team know how to squeeze the best out of the performance and budget for your building.  Contact us now to find out how we can help.