Window Control Equipment

Window Control Equipment normally falls into two categories. Either can be used very effectively to address high level or inaccessible window or rooflights, and each have certain benefits.

Window Actuators

(also known as Motors)

Manual Winding Gear

(commonly referred to as Teleflex)

Pros & Cons


Actuators tend to be easier to operate, and can be connected to control devices through automated routines (eg a simple close at end of the day for security, or close in the event of rain, through to more sophisticated control based on room CO2 or Temperature readings).

Actuators tend to have a slightly higher capital cost, but a lower lifetime cost due to requiring less frequent maintenance and replacement.
Power supplies, switches and cabling have to be considered – though these tend to be easier to make aesthetically acceptable compared to winding gear.

Actuators can be configured to operate a whole bank of windows from one switch – making them easier to operate and a tidier installation.
If automated using sensors and control logic for Natural Ventilation control – actuated windows can significantly enhance building comfort, air quality and energy performance using control strategies not feasible to achieve with manual windows or winding gear.

Manual Winding Gear

Winding Gear works on a simple mechanical basis using a handle to drive the window open and closed.

It requires no power supply, but does require more physical effort to operate windows – particularly larger banks of windows that will most likely require a number of winding handles.

Winding gear is more often subject to abuse or incorrect operation and can require more regular maintenance and replacement.

Aesthetically, winding gear needs careful planning and installation to make it acceptable – depending on the application.

Our Products

We offer winding gear and actuators from leading manufacturers, and the widest range of options available to best suit your application.

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