Compliant Smoke Ventilation Solutions for New Buildings

Builders and Subcontractors have a responsibility to deliver on designs and specifications, while ensuring that all certification and regulatory requirements are met and well documented.

As a contractor, you must ensure all components of the system meet individual product certifications, as well as ensuring the overall system is expertly delivered according to regulations. Together as a system, all components must form one reliable solution that will perform its duties under fire conditions – and can therefore be depended upon by the building occupants and building owner to protect lives.

Kilpatrick Blane Ventilation Specialists offer:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Compliance & Certification
  • Continual Testing and Maintenance
  • Record Keeping and Audit

Utilising Specialists Like Kilpatrick Blane Services

Because of the complexities around system design, delivery and demonstrating compliance, the Smoke Ventilation system is normally delivered as a package by a specialist contractor such as Kilpatrick Blane Services.

Specialist contractors should have adequate specialist skills and experience, as well as supply chain, to be able to source and deliver appropriately certified individual components that are able to act seamlessly together when integrated into the building, following strict standards and design guidelines.

The system must then be fully tested and proven, before being certified and documented for future maintenance and as part of the ongoing compliance and audit trail.

Post project completion – ongoing responsibilities

Once installed and the building is occupied, it falls upon the building owner and building managers to ensure that the system is regularly tested and maintained such that it remains dependable throughout the life of the building. Kilpatrick Blane’s experienced engineering team can assist with audit, test, service and repair to ensure your systems remain fully functional and compliant – for your occupants and building owner, and to meet your legal and insurance requirements.

Contact us for design support or a quote for your next system, or learn more about your testing and service responsibilities and how we can help you.