Clients Like You – Building Contractors

With over 25 years experience, Kilpatrick Blane Services have almost certainly worked with clients like you on projects like yours.

We’re familiar with the obvious (and not so obvious) complexities between the different elements of the facade, mechanical and electrical components that will make up your smoke or natural ventilation system.

We’re used to navigating the challenges around delivering or joining up the pieces to ensure they are delivered seamlessly, on time, on budget and right first time – to leave you and your client with a well documented and compliant system you can be confident in.

Whether you’re bidding for a project, involved in the design process, or looking to maximise performance and value for a project you’ve secured – our team can help.

We’d love to bring our experience to help you save time and money, while giving you a confident partner you can trust for expert advice and delivery support on all your projects.

Here are some typical services we provide to main contractors, mechanical and electrical subcontractors

Condition reports and advice on bringing systems and documentation up to standards.

If you have a project and want costings or support with smoke ventilation solutions, window actuators or winding gear selection, system design, pricing or technical guidance – contact us now!