Smoke Ventilation Servicing

Smoke ventilation systems are life safety systems, and should be adequately maintained and serviced by trained and qualified specialists to ensure correct operation and compliance.

Our comprehensive service packages are cost effective and regular inspection and servicing by our team can help prevent the development of more unpredictable and costly repairs that could put the building at risk.

We can combine servicing across different systems for economies during our visits, including:

Smoke Ventilation Systems

Natural Ventilation Systems

Manual Window Controls

Emergency Lighting

Dry Risers

Automatic Door Controls

Car Park Ventilation

We can quickly arrange a survey and price specific to your building and service requirements – contact us for a quick discussion.

Here’s what a typical service plan might look like


Our initial service involves:

  • Full diagnostic of the installed system
  • Cause-and-effect analysis to ensure the system operates as designed.
  • Individual inspections of all system components
  • Functional testing of connected system components

An initial report is provided alongside any recommendations for remedial works if necessary.

To understand more about your testing and servicing obligations, click here – or to arrange a survey of your current installation or request a service proposal, contact us now


Based on two routine inspection per year, our basic servicing package comprises:

  • Inspection of control panels and motors for satisfactory electrical and mechanical function
  • Inspection of all components for outer damage
  • Testing of motors for smooth operation through the full power open and close cycle
  • Lubrication of moving parts – if necessary
  • Checking the power and emergency power supply
  • Inspection and testing of smoke detectors in communal areas
  • Functional testing of connected system components
  • Service Report issued upon completion of inspection
  • Asset specific information
  • Office based technical support

To arrange a survey of your current installation, or for a service proposal contact us now.