What is Natural Ventilation?

Natural ventilation is the use of controlled openings in a building façade to facilitate comfortable and good quality indoor spaces which support occupant health, productivity and the effective use of the spaces for their intended purpose.

The vents are most commonly windows, louvres and rooflights. They may be controlled manually, or by means of automation.

Why choose Natural Ventilation?


Natural Ventilation offers a cost effective means of providing high quality indoor spaces while having a positive impact on occupants, energy consumption and climate when properly controlled.

Why choose Automated Natural Ventilation?

Automated Natural Ventilation is far more adaptive than manual control. It can minimise ventilation rates to preserve heat loss and protect heating energy usage when ventilation requirements are low, while pro-actively adjusting openings as ventilation needs change.

By monitoring the indoor and outdoor environment the system can pre-empt potential overheating or poor air quality and take appropriate action to optimise ventilation without requiring manual intervention.

This also allows the building to breathe securely and by just the right amount even when no-one is around. This enables strategies like night cooling (to reduce peak temperatures in summer) and pre-emptive ventilation to purge the space before occupants arrive.

By automating Natural Ventilation the system can proactively manage potential challenges in room conditions such as increasing CO2 levels or temperature variances and prevent them moving too far above or below the ideal setpoint.

Research shows:


Up to 50% energy saving compared with Mechanical Systems

Building life cycle costs can be 5x cheaper for Natural Ventilation compared to Mechanical Ventilation

ROI can be as little as 1 year


77% of people in Naturally Ventilated building are satisfied with the ventilation compared to only 50% in mechanically ventilated space

Learn more about what at a typical system solution looks like, or contact us now to discuss how we can help your building achieve – better comfort levels in Summer, less overheating, better air quality year round, improved productivity, and reduced building energy consumption.