National Theatre of Scotland

Rockvilla – the multi award winning Headquarters and creative ‘engine room’ for the National Theatre of Scotland, Naturally Ventilated using a system installed by Kilpatrick Blane Services.

About The Project

Completed in 2016, and designed by Hoskins Architects utilising a redevelopment of a disused warehouse on the banks of the Forth and Clyde canal, the building retains a sense of its industrial heritage while providing light creative spaces for the theatre group to blossom.

This unique building has won both a RIBA award for Scotland and the RIBA National award.

First floor open plan offices utilise reclaimed gym flooring, extensive rooflights to flood the space with light and glazing to provide panoramic views across the canal to the city beyond. As well as light and views, the rooflights and windows are automated with a system provided by Kilpatrick Blane Services to optimise the provision of natural ventilation to keep spaces fresh and comfortable. Automation of the rooflights allows exhaust of warm air on hot summer days to prevent overheating, complemented by controlled blinds to mitigate solar gains when required.

The system was also designed to utilise wireless and battery-less switches using kinetic energy to self power their communication – giving more flexibility for location and mitigating the need for wiring and replacement batteries.

Project Award Nominations and Wins

  • RIBA Award for Scotland 2017 and RIBA National Award 2017

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Project Type

Leisure / Entertainment

Our Products/Services Provided

Natural Ventilation

Main Contractor

Luddon Construction


Hoskins Architects

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