Effective Ventilation Design

New year, new resolutions!!! – Lets do our bit to give our kids the climate they deserve – indoors and out. In the last of our blog series, we’ll recap on the importance of breathing and air quality for health and productivity, and take a look at how we can select or move toward optimum design and control of Natural Ventilation in new and existing schools to deliver better air quality and do our bit for our kids and the climate.

How the Quality of air can Support the Quality of Learning Environments

In this blog, we’ll consider some key factors to provide great ventilation for school buildings and good air quality for pupils. In our last blog, we talked about the science of breathing and the key facts that emphasise the importance of modern buildings providing adequate ventilation to support our physiological needs. What is the current […]

How Today’s Buildings can Support Good air Quality and Energy Efficiency

In the beginning… We lived outdoors – it was, after all, the natural habitat we had adapted to over millions of years. Today we have heavily adapted our habitat and spend most of our time – around 90% of it – indoors. However, to function at our best – we need to experience some of […]

Engendering STEM

In 2018 Kilpatrick Blane were contacted by Engendering STEM via Equate Scotland who heard we had a different approach to life work balance in our female led construction sector business. Their remit was to assess what could be done to support SMEs in building an inclusive workforce so they benefit from the increased profitability, productivity […]